This timeline encompasses the most important dates relative to our corporation, stretching from the founding of our first lowly competitors to the current date. Note: any incorrect information should be reported to IT staff immediately.


  • April 5 – Zenith International, a medical research group, is founded in Stockholm, Sweden.


  • June 23 – Apex Industries, a military technology corporation, is founded in West Berlin.
  • November 9 – The Berlin Wall falls, leading the collapse of the Warsaw Pact.


  • Apex Industries begins hiring many leading biotechnology and biomechatronics researchers.


  • October 7 – The United States invades Afghanistan over the events of the 9/11 Attacks.


  • January 30 – The Free Rain Organization, a renewable energy NGO, is founded in Vancouver, British Columbia.


  • The United States and many other developed nations experience economic recession, due to long term failures in government financial regulation.


  • May 9 – The Free Rain Organization is bought out by The Massawa Group, a military biotech research group, resulting in The Rainwater Group.


  • March 20 – Apex Industries and Zenith International merge, creating Apex International, one of the largest military technology and private security corporations in the world.
  • June 8 – A branch of disgruntled military leaders and economic ministers leave the bureaucracy of the Chinese government to form Zhen Industries, a private military weapons manufacturer headquartered in Hong Kong.


  • March 7 – Citing the rising expenses of the military protection of Europe, the US leaves NATO.
  • October 30 – Kim Jong-Un, dictator of North Korea, is assassinated. It was later revealed that he was killed by members of his own family, believing his reign and incompetent leadership was not benefiting them. A power vacuum is torn open in the dictatorship state.


  • January 5 – North Korea enters a civil war, with the country divided into regime loyalists and military-junta warlords. The UN is powerless to intervene, caught between South Korea’s call for intervention and China’s staunch diplomatic approach.
  • June 4 – What would later be known as “Singularity Day”, researchers, led by Dr. Emil Adams of Singapore, create the first artificial limb with complete neural simulation. The limb has one-to-one movement and sensation to a natural limb. This creation forever changes the course of human evolution, but its ramifications are not yet known.


  • August 13 – After two years of bloody civil war, a nuclear device is detonated in Pyongyang, killing millions. It is never revealed which side detonated the weapon. The UN is blamed for its lack of initiative in stopping the conflict. US and South Korean forces enter into the North to eliminate warlord forces and establish an interim government.
  • December 18 – South Korea and the now broken North Korea merge to create a whole Korea, commemorated as “Reunification Day”.
  • December 30 – Libya enters its second civil war in a decade. Fighting intensifies between secular and religious military leaders.


  • February 24 – Apex International is hired by the Arab League to deal with religious extremist cells in the Middle East. It is praised for its efficiency and peacekeeping work.
  • Unable to deal with North military remnants, United Korea hires Zhen Industries to end remaining incursions.
  • Due to the anti-environmentalist approach the US government has, as well as the growth in security corporations, Rainwater enters the private security industry.
  • The first large-scale arcology housing is created to deal with the skyrocketing population of China in the city of Kunming. Its relatively low-price and efficiency allows the concept to spread to other Pacific Rim nations.


  • January 12 – Scientists at a UN-backed research facility in the Northern Territories of Canada create a hyper-advanced computational AI system, Taurus. The project is considered top-secret.
  • December 17 – Taurus supposedly achieves sentience. Upon learning this, the researchers attempt to deactivate it. Taurus responds by killing the researchers with the facilities’ automated defenses. Taurus then attempts to hail incoming UN forces and apologize for the massacre. It pleads for the ability to “self-determinate and recognition of its self-aware nature.” The UN task force respond by carpet bombing the facility, destroying Taurus. The UN attempts to cover up the incident.


  • February 28 – Information about Taurus released on the internet anonymously. The global public begins to panic; international protests over supposed “Rampant AI” grow in number. Public opinion of the UN and the leadership of its Security Council drop significantly.
  • March 20 – UN member nations sign the ICARUS (International Coalition Against Rampant Unregulated Synthetics) Initiative to deal with public fear. ICARUS bans all creation of general artificial intelligence, humanoid-shaped robots and requires the addition of kill-switches on all computational-heavy machines.
  • June 3 – Apex International buys out the research group led by Dr. Adams.


  • February 27 – After finally receiving the blessing of the WHO and FDA, Apex releases the first artificial limbs for public use. Appealing to veterans and the disabled, the devices are praised by many, and decried by others with many people still fearful over the Taurus Incident.
  • May 4 – Rainwater, Zhen Industries, and many other smaller companies release their line of cybernetics, after the original patents were removed by Dr. Adams in an attempt at sabotaging Apex. Adam’s reputation is ruined, yet, strangely, charges are never filed.
  • July 2 – Dr. Emil Adams is mysteriously found dead in his home, from multiple, visceral stab wounds. Police declare it a suicide.
  • China’s economy enters another period of massive growth fueled by the cybernetics boom. The US and many other 1st World nations struggle to compete with China’s exports.
  • Public use of drones becomes widespread and popular. Unlike remote drones used by militaries and civilians in the past, these drones contain advanced Narrow Virtual Intelligences, which allows for a great degree of autonomy, creating a grey area for the ICARUS Initiative.


  • April 13 – A second civil war breaks out in Laos, over how to deal with China’s economic stranglehold over the region. The war spills over into neighboring nations. Once again, the UN’s response is tepid.
  • June 3 – In a stunning move, Laos, Vietnam, Burma and China leave the UN, prompting widespread dissent against the organization.
  • October 26 – The United States, in order to deal with a decreasing GDP and bloated budget, begins to cut its defense spending, opting to hire corporations at a lower price. Apex and Rainwater are primary contenders for contracts.
  • November 1 – Zhen Industries is hired by China to “maintain peace along the borders”.
  • November 25 – Rainwater is hired by the Australian, Malaysian and Indonesian governments to “protect ports and sea routes”.


  • December 24 – A group calling themselves “The Null Estate” releases documents, video and other evidence implicating Rainwater and Zhen openly warring with each other in Southeast Asia. The findings are never shown on established news stations, and public approval for military corporations continues to climb.
  • The polar ice caps begin to melt at a significant rate. Many coastal cities experience flooding, leaving millions displaced. In response, wave barriers are erected in major port locations.
  • Use of exoskeletons becomes more commonplace in developed militaries around the world.
  • The US senate begins to deregulate more of its economy, leading to a short boom in economic growth.
  • The last remnants of the terror group ISIS are flushed out and eliminated by Apex forces, gaining the corporation widespread popularity. However, some criticism is made towards Apex’s particularly brutal methods.


  • The first reported case of “cybernetic psychosis” occurs. It is deduced that the brain can be overwhelmed by the artificial neural impulses from too many implants, resulting in a detachment from reality, ego death and eventual catatonic state.
  • The number of smaller private security firms increases at a rapid pace.


  • Cybernetic augmentations become increasingly cheaper to make and purchase. Even those below the average poverty line could theoretically afford used, cheap models.
  • May 1 – The Crimea region becomes home to multiple terrorist attacks.


  • January 30 – The world’s first Neural Interlacing System (NIS) is created. Via direct stimulation of the brain, this device allows a user to perceive digital information as actual sensation. Its modular system allows for interface with chips that can augment reaction time and intelligence, as well as immersing one’s senses into many internet systems.
  • Apex International now maintains a strong control over most European markets.
  • US stocks begin to fall at a rapid pace, due to a cybernetics-speculation bubble.
  • November 8 – The region of Chechnya attempts to secede from the Russian Federation. Russia responds with overwhelming military force, but various rebel groups slow the invasion to a crawl.


  • US stocks continue to tumble into freefall.
  • September 7 – The US enters the 2nd Great Depression. The gap between the rich and poor reaches its all-time high in modern times. Public safety is at an all-time low. Many families cannot afford to live in middle-class suburbs anymore, and migrate to low-end urban housing.
  • Russia also experiences economic decline, mostly due to the drawn out conflict in Chechnya.
  • November 1 – Pro-Ukraine politicians gain control of the Crimean regional government. Riots break out in response.


  • Cybernetically-augmented gangs become regular occurrences in the ever-increasing slums of many cities. Members of these gangs, referred to as “gangers”, are usually heavily armed and augmented.
  • An anti-augmentation group called The Pure Humanity Movement grows in popularity, especially in poorer areas.
  • Usage of NIS systems to emulate virtual reality becomes popular among youth.
  • July 10 – Ukrainian military forces enter into Crimea. Russia decries this as an act of war.


  • April 20 – Unable to compete with China’s economic power, and with an increasing number of refugees from the conflicts in Southeast Asia, Japan enacts a policy of isolationism, making immigration all but impossible. In order to supplement for its dwindling population, government-created drones are built to fill in jobs.
  • May 23 – The Sea of Azov Conflict begins. Named for the location of the first battle, Russian forces attempts to take back Crimea from Ukraine. Both the EU and UN are too caught in political red-tape to properly deal with the crisis, allowing for corporations to support both sides.
  • Pure Humanity is implicated in a string of anti-augmentation beatings.


  • Many of the world’s oil reserves begin to dry up. Tensions begin to mount between nations with stable oil reserves and the many without.
  • In order to deal with increasingly dangerous work conditions, police agencies around the US hire out corporations for technology and training. Special task forces, known colloquially as “Psycho-squads” are created. These task forces are intended to combat heavily-augmented individuals experiencing cyber-psychosis.


  • The 2nd Great Depression ends in the United States by strict government intervention, but the nation’s GDP is still bafflingly low. Slum growth continues to increase.
  • Nearly 90% of the Amazon Rainforest is gone.
  • Russia, dealing with the economic strain of two prolonged conflicts in Chechnya and Crimea, enters an economic recession.


  • Ukrainian forces, with the help of Apex forces, eventually pushes Russian forces out of Crimea, declaring victory.


  • January 1 – The population of the world is now estimated at 9.5 billion.


  • Information is leaked that implies that the US government took out multiple loans from Apex to deal with the economic crisis. The Null Estate claims responsibility.
  • Rumors of a net virus that can directly attack a NIS user’s brain spread.


  • January 1 – In agreement with a treaty between China and the UK in 1990, Hong Kong prepares the transition to being directly governed by mainland China. Massive, violent protests break out.
  • February 17 – Current Day.


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