Enclosed in this list are brief summaries of our largest competitors or other notable organizations. It is vital for any employee to have these facts memorized by heart. Failure to do so may result in immediate career termination.

Ares Network

Headquarters: Zurich, Switzerland
Sphere of Influence: Recognized by corporations worldwide

In some odd attempt at “fairness” in the unseen corporate conflicts, the Ares Network is a private network made for lower-tier corporations to hire cheap mercenaries when in-house agents aren’t financially viable. As members of the network, mercenaries follow a strict set of rules regarding contracts and accepted targets. The Ares Network is the only mercenary network to be fully recognized by every corporation, and is considered one of the few measures that are preventing corporate skirmishes erupting into full open conflict.

Apex International

Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden
Sphere of Influence: Northern Europe, Western Europe, Northern Africa and the West Coast of North America

The largest corporation in the world, Apex rose to power after the fall of the Berlin Wall, filling the power vacuum that followed. It has out-competed all others in military and medical technology, claiming market supremacy in all of Western and Northern Europe, parts of the East Coast of the United States and parts of Northern Africa. It also was the first to patent and sell proto-cybernetics, and has perfected them by 2047. Its military and technology power is unparalleled among the corporations, even smaller nations and boasts a private army numbering in the tens of thousands. Many darkweb sites claim that Apex’s in-house agents are augmented beyond normal human capacity. Whether that makes them “more than human” or “less than human” depends on what end the gun is facing.

The Null Estate


Headquarters: Unknown, presumably the Darknet
Sphere of Influence: Presumably has cells worldwide

A collection of grey-hat hackers, whistleblowers, political demagogues and disgruntled youth. Fueled by the darknet drug and weapon-schematic torrenting trade, the Null Estate has declared war against “those who would limit freedom by perverting human society”. While engaging in physical combat is rare for the Estate, it has been known to hire mercenaries to plant chaos into the well-oiled corporate machine.

The Pure Humanity Movement

Headquarters: Unknown, presumably the Darknet
Sphere of Influence: Presumably has cells worldwide

What began as an anti-cybernetic movement has grown into a para-military group known today as the Pure Humanity Movement. Led by radical “Purists”, the group has a near cult-like fervor against technology and its effects on society and humanity. It is not unheard of for poor or homeless augmented people to suddenly go missing, only to be found dead and mutilated days later.

The Rainwater Group

Headquarters: Vancouver, British Columbia
Sphere of Influence: West Coast of North America, South America, the Pacific Rim and Oceania

The founding of Rainwater is unusual to say the least. From what began as a green energy company in the early 2000s, Rainwater became the leader in its industry after the British Petroleum Oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico in the mid-2000s. From then on, it has grown to dominate many other staple industries of the near-future, such as private defense, robotics, and banking. Rainwater’s influence extends the entirety of the American West Coast and much of the Pacific Rim. It is widely considered to be the second largest Mega Corporation in the World. Rainwater is led by Semret Massawa, a native Ethiopian who rules the company with an iron fist, and is more than willing to end her dissenters by any means necessary.

United Nations Taskforce

Headquarters: New York City, New York
Sphere of Influence: Technically extends are far as its member countries are

The special operations division of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force. While the United Nations has been barred from creating its own military since its inception, subtle bribery and vaguely-written agreements have allowed for the creation of its own independent organizations. The UNT is one such organization. Run by former Spec-Ops units from around the globe, the UNT’s primary goal is to limit the military might of the corporations though precision strikes and sabotage. If the corporations, pseudo-nations in their own right, can break the rules, why can’t an organization built for peace do the same?

Zhen Industries

Headquarters: Hong Kong, China
Sphere of Influence: East, Southeast and Central Asia and Eastern Africa

Zhen Industries was created by a cadre of scientists, military leaders and businessmen who left the prying-eye of the communist Chinese government to pursue more unregulated interests. It has since then dominated the augmentation market, creating unreliable, but incredibly cheap cybernetics, as well as “policing” many parts of Asia. “Policing” may or may not include installation of puppet governments and tax-dollar shakedowns. Its military is on-par with Apex’s, but lacks in technology what it makes up for in sheer numbers.


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